Monday, January 26, 2015


This year,grid prints are so trendy!You can see this print in tops,dresses,shorts,and pants.This is my new favorite print right now because it is very attracting when you wear it.The first time I saw this print,the tiles on comfort rooms enter my mind.Hahaha :D Let me know also what's on your mind about this print? 

Origami shorts from @instaordinaryshop!Glad this design of shorts invented because it is very fab it looks like skirt but this is actually a shorts,2 in 1! :) 

GRID TOP- @perfectfitshop_ph
ORIGAMI SHORTS- @instaordinaryshop


This is Topshop's Ribbed Top inspired from @murashopph it is cheaper and the quality is great!Very comfortable to wear and you can easily paired it to skirts/highwaist pants or shorts.

Crystal point necklace from @_glitters_!You can get it for only 150Php so what are you waiting for?follow em on instagram and check their fab items you'll surely love! ♥

RIBBED TOP- @murashopph
SKATER SKIRT- @instaordinaryshop

Monday, January 12, 2015


I super love this Statement cropped shirt from _@glitters_ My new favorite shop on instagram! They sell dainty necklaces you'll surely love!Their cropped shirts are super comfortable to wear,you can paired it with a Highwaist pants/shorts even skirts will do. ♥

You can see the word "Serendipity" on my shirt do you know what's the meaning of this word?Hmmm...its finding something good,without looking for it.Other definition is a talent for making fortunate discoveries while searching other things.Yayyyy I wished were all serendipitious! ♥

SERENDIPITY CROPPED SHIRT- @_glitters_ (instagram online shop)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Black is the New Black

You may think wearing head-to-toe black is a snooze, but the look can actually be pretty badass. It’s just a simple matter of styling.

The beauty of all-black? You can mix textures without fear of creating an overly busy ensemble.Notice how I blended a plaid print polo wrapped around my waist.
CHAIN NECKLACE- @fashionspicemanila
SUNNIES BY CHARLIE- @sunniesstudios

Varsity Vibes

I got this Hard Rock varsity shirt for only 25Php pesos from a thrift store near on our house,such a great steal!I paired it with my highwaist maong shorts because I want  to go with a simple and comfortable outfit.  

My brother took this photo while we're crossing the street! ♥ Love this photo so much! ♥

Squat naish with my cousin! ♥

Black Wall