Monday, March 16, 2015

Skin White Solutions

This is my first time to do a blog post of whitening products and I'm glad @skinwhitesolutions (instagram online shop) sells these fab whitening products that will provide remedies for our skin dilemas.They aim to reduce our worries and keep us looking beautiful and fab! ♥

♥ Gluthatione Soap 150g
♥ Forever Beauty Toner 120ml
♥ Forever Beauty Day Cream
♥ Forever Beauty Night Cream
♥ Forever Beauty Moisturizing Cream
♥ Dark Spot Corrector


1.Gently Wash face using Gluta soap.
2.Apply Forever Beauty Toner using toner.Upward Stroke.
3.Apply Forever Beauty Day Cream with Sunblock using clean fingertips all over the face.Upward Motion.

1.Gently Wash face using Gluta Soap.
2.Apply Forever Beauty Toner using toner.Upward Stroke.
3.Apply Forever Beauty Night Cream using clean fingertips all over the face.Upward motion.
4.Wait for 3 seconds then apply the Forever Beauty Moisturizer Cream and leave Over Night.
5.Apply the Dark Spot Corrector to the dark spot,acne scars and to other discoloration.Can be used for the body also.


1.Wash Body with Superior 10-1 Face & Body Soap.Rinse Well.
2.Apply the 10-1 Whitening Argam Scrub,massage unto body in circular motion for atleast 3 minutes.
3.Rinse and Pat dry with clean towel.
4.Apply the 10-1 Snail Day Lotion with SPF100 to arms and legs in the morning.
5.Apply the 10-1 Active Night Lotion in the evening  and leave overnight.

Follow @skinwhitesolutions on instagram or check their website Skin White Solutions

Treat your skin with Skin White Solutions! ♥

Monday, February 16, 2015

Individual Style United Spirit

I decided to wear something boyish look and here's the result!I wore my japanese shirt from @cluelessph badass statement right but it's cute!I paired it with my behati sweatpants from @virusblend.Girls can also wear sweatpants and rock it better than the boys do!Right girls?haha :)

My new favorite snappies from @queenboulevard I like the design and the quality is good for your heavy loads so follow em on instagram and check their bags for more designs that suits your style! ♥

Monday, January 26, 2015


This year,grid prints are so trendy!You can see this print in tops,dresses,shorts,and pants.This is my new favorite print right now because it is very attracting when you wear it.The first time I saw this print,the tiles on comfort rooms enter my mind.Hahaha :D Let me know also what's on your mind about this print? 

Origami shorts from @instaordinaryshop!Glad this design of shorts invented because it is very fab it looks like skirt but this is actually a shorts,2 in 1! :) 

GRID TOP- @perfectfitshop_ph
ORIGAMI SHORTS- @instaordinaryshop